Mobile Browser Watch: Mozilla's Firefox rocks

We can't wait for the mobile browser from Mozilla to land. We already knew about cool desktop-like features like the add-ons, tabbed browsing, and support to sync bookmarks, add-ons and passwords with your computer(s).


Now we've heard from WM Experts that Firefox (yes, just Firefox, even though it's only for mobiles and the desktop version has the same name) will also feature synced tabs with any and all of your computers.


Whatever you've left open on your home (or work) browser, you'll be able to look at on your phone using Firefox.


Basically, if you're like us and constantly looking up addresses, or places on Google Maps then forgetting to take the printed map with you, Firefox (mobile) is a godsend.



In the meantime, check out our five favourite phones for browsing the net.

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