O2 moves a million iPhones

Numbers, numbers. We all knew the thing was popular, but now the stats prove it - O2 shifted a million units of Apple's iPhone 3G in 2008, making it the company's best-selling device.


According to MacUser, the exclusive carrier of last year's best touch-screen smartphone said the iPhone was a major factor in its revenue growth, which stretched way ahead of the UK market in the throes of last year's banker-caused depression.


The iPhone meant that O2 had almost 800,000 new contract subscribers last year, and most of O2's 289,000 new prepay customers signed up in Q4, after the PAYG iPhone went on sale.


O2 tells us that they've got dibs on any new iPhones that come out in the next few years too (basically as long as their contract lasts), so it looks like they've got the iPhone-loving UK market by the short and curlies.

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