Android apps restricted to $200

Google has decided to put a stop to the proliferation of new applications that are spreading over the Internet via a variety of platforms - the Apple iPhone being the most high profile - that demand too high a price. Specifically, Google has announced that it has put a limit of $200 on to the price of any application sold via its server. This follows the much anticipated launch of the paid apps scheme via the Android Market.


Most apps are selling for a range of prices spanning $1 to $25. However, one new app has appeared which has immediately hit the $200 ceiling. Called I Am Richer it reportedly does absolutely nothing, according to Cnet.


The developer, Mike DG, describes his app thus, "Prove your wealth to others by running this app and showing them the mesmerizing glowing crystal. Only those with the wealth and sense can show the world their glowing crystal."


This particular app is very similar to the I Am Rich app which was banned by Apple.


Of course, there are plenty of free apps still available. Check out our five favourites here.


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