LG reveals GM310 music phone among others

LG has released details of a range of new mobile phones. The highlight of the announcement is the music handset, known as the GM310. A slider, featuring a 2.2in QVGA TFT display and touch-sensitive navigation bar, the new phone is reported to feature Dolby technology for all music fans along with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Memory support is excellent, from a base of 1Gb an accompaying microSDHC slot will support up to a healthy 32Gb. A built in camera is also reported to be included. Specifications for this feature are apparently a reasonable 3.2MP. It will also include Bluetooth 2.1, according to the Mobile Whack website.


The GB250, a clamshell, arrives with 1Gb of internal memory with up to 4Gb external memory support, a 2in screen and HSDPA data transfer. The GB220 only has 512Mb of internal memory whilst the GB130 only has 64Mb. However it also arrives with a FM radio. The candybar GB102 has a 1.5in screen and just 32Mb of memory.


No release or price details have yet been announced.


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