Personalise your browsing experience with Pocket Express

A new service by Handmark aims to bring a more straightforward approach to browsing the web.


Pocket Express tallies up the information most relevant to you, meaning you won't have to open up numerous pages to get to the article you want to read. For example, should you be a football fan or a music enthusiast, Pocket Express can be customised so as you are only ever a few clicks away from gaining that info. In fact, Handmark claims that there are over 300 customisable news categories, while weather reports and flight schedules are regularly updated. Users can also ‘share' news stories with friends and family by sending a news link via a text or email.


Handmark has also announced the Pocket Express 'Store' that features an array of downloadable applications as well as mobile games from the likes of Capcom and I-Play.


The latest version of Pocket Express is available now on Java based handsets from the likes of Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung, with Handmark claiming more platforms and devices will be rolled out throughout the year.


For more information or to download Pocket Express, visit

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