Leak? Motorola's five-megapixel touch-screen

The folks at Engadget are reporting that Motorola just might have a viable new device out. An anonymous tipster left some pictures that show a touch-screen phone with a five-megapixel camera, Xenon flash and TV out port, which would make it probably the most relevant thing to come out of Motorola HQ in recent years.


It may be running on Android, though a lack of buttons on its front face makes that unlikely. If it takes Windows Mobile 6.5, it'd need a Start button somewhere too. So that leaves... Symbian? Or maybe they've innovated some buttons somewhere else.


Either way, we'd like to see something slick like this out of Moto, but we're not clinging to the edge of our seats. Speaking of, check out the hottest five phones we saw at Mobile World Congress.


Via Engadget

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