LG watch phone will cost £1,000

Ever get the feeling the execs at phone manufacturers are sitting in some back room laughing as their latest piece of glorified silicon is sold for hundreds of pounds?


We like LG phones and were well impressed by their ‘touch-screen-on-a-shoestring' phone, the Cookie, so what's with the thousand-pound price tag on their new James Bond-esque gadget?


The touch-screen watch-in-a-phone was unveiled at Mobile World Congress last week with an impressive specs list that included HSDPA support and a 1.3-megapixel camera for video calling as well as regular voice calls.


It'll be an Orange exclusive, but even on contract, you're looking at shelling out around $500 plus line rental at £40 a month. You'll also have to wear a headset the whole time for the watch to fulfill its phone functions.  


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