Omnifone unveils MusicStation Next Generation

British-based outfit, Omnifone has announced a partnership with the broadcaster, Sky, to launch an unlimited music download service called MusicStation Next Generation. The new service will be grown from resources which Omnifone already use in an existing mobile download service.


Sky may also use the new service to power the download operation it announced in conjunction with Universal, last year. Sky also hopes to attach the service to its general broadband deal, making millions of tracks available for a small, extra, fee.


"Tens of millions of European consumers are engaged in music piracy every day," said Rob Lewis, chief executive of Omnifone to The Telegraph website. "While government pressure is growing, we also need to deliver alternatives that recognise the needs and desires of the YouTube generation.


"Omnifone is offering consumers something better than piracy. MusicStation Next Generation gives consumers legitimate unlimited access to the world's music, in audio and video format, direct to their living room...Broadband providers can deliver a better music experience; a legal alternative to piracy that differentiates their consumer proposition".


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