Stream your calls and music through your car stereo

A new Bluetooth adapter, bizarrely called the Octopus, enables you to stream your music from your mobile phone through your car speakers while keeping the ability to receive calls.


By plugging the Octopus into the car stereo system, each time you receive a call, your Bluetooth streamed music will be instantly paused allowing you to answer you call. You will be able to both hear and speak through the car's speakers, with the music seamlessly restarting once the call has ended.


Manufactured by Tattu Mobile, the Octopus can also be paired with any Bluetooth enabled PC, while it can be charged via the iPod docking station or simply with the boxed in-car charger. There's even a 3.5mm headset port enabling you to plug in your own headphones. Tattu Mobile promises a battery life of six hours when playing continuous music, with dimensions measuring 43.5x32.5x12.5mm.


The Octopus goes on sale this week for £39.99 and is available from Tattu Mobile's website,

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