MWC Postscript: Microsoft Mobile 6.5 mobile phone - stolen!

No sooner had the new version of Microsoft's mobile operating system, version 6.5, been announced, than a mobile phone, featuring the prototype software was stolen from the pocket of an executive at the recent Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona. Sol Trujillo, the boss of the Australian telecoms outfit, Telstar, was given the phone device by Microsoft for testing purposes. He passed it onto a colleague and the phone was picked from his pocket.


A Telstar spokesman explained to The Telegraph website that: 'One of our product executives was given the phone to test the system. He had it with him at an organised evening event and it was stolen from him - we don't know by whom.'


Microsoft fears that the software, which was present on the phone in an early version, might be the subject of a costly security breach affecting the final release.


Petty crime is high in Barcelona, leading to calls from the show's planners to move the event to another city in the future.


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