Hyundai MB-490i Dolphin mobile phone unveiled

Hyundai has unveiled a new mobile phone. Arguably the most interesting individual release in an array of forthcoming handsets, the phone is to be known as the MB-490i. Arriving with a Dolphin-esque profile, the new handset certainly catches the attention.


Specifically, the mobile features a touch-screen display, according to the Phones Review website and, for entertainment, a set of speakers which promise to be of a relatively high quality coming, as they do, from Yamaha - famed for its audiophile HiFi, speaker history. Other entertainment is supplied by a FM radio.


Reports also say that the new phone includes a built-in camera. The specification, whilst not hitting the heights of the recent 12MP headline handsets, is still a reasonable 3.2 megapixels. Other features include Bluetooth for short range wireless connections of accessories such as a headset.


The new phone should be on sale during May with a price of 250 euros. No UK price has been released yet.


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