Vertu luxury phone...with added bling

The luxury designer, Knalihs Athem, has taken the luxury Vertu mobile phone and ‘upgraded' it by adding diamonds and gold to increase the handset's price still further.


If it wasn't so bizarre, it might be funny. The Vertu is already out of the reach of most mobile phone users due to its high price and already boasts style and luxurious features. However, Knalihs Athem wasn't at all happy with that situation. He has released the Diamond Vertu Constellation Gold, according to the Intomobile website.


The mobile has been modified to take a swatch of 18 carat gold along with 1500 of the finest quality, colourless, brilliant cut, diamonds. Hand crafted, when (if) you buy the new mobile phone, you are able to request the addition of a personalised touch to the chassis such as your initials (HRH?), a lucky number (your bank account?) or even a logo (a Premier League football, perhaps?) It's available now but, as for the price? As ever, if you have to ask...


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