LG Versa VX960 mobile phone unveiled

LG has announced the new Versa VX960 mobile phone. A highly versatile design, the chassis features a touch-screen that will allow you to create up to three different types of home screen, according to the Unwired website.


In addition, the phone features a full QWERTY keyboard for those frequent texters or those who regularly send emails. It also includes a 56x120 pixel OLED screen. Further, the phone also has an attachable game controller - a far more natural method of playing the ever increasing amount of specialist mobile games currently being released onto the market.


Other features include a basic two-megapixel camera, Bluetooth for short range wireless connections such as a headset, plus a memory card slot with a 16GB capacity.


At the time of writing, no release date details or official price have yet been released for the UK market. We will keep you informed of any developments.


Click to read the Unwired story

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