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LA-based mobile games company Gamevil is releasing four titles for the Android platform - Baseball Superstars 2008, Path of the Warrior, Super Boom Boom, and popular puzzler Skipping Stone IQ.


Baseball Superstars 2008 is an arcade-style baseball game and Path of a Warrior is a mobile MMORPG. Trial versions of both these titles have been on the Android Market's Top 20 list since their December release.


And for the most casual of casual gamers, Super Boom Boom is a one-button game about pirates looking for treasure - your role is to aim and launch a cannon at a bunch of towers.

The games will launch when the Android Market supports paid apps. They are only playable right now if you own a T-Mobile G1, but keep an eye out for launches around mid-year of the tasty HTC Magic and maybe even Huawei's cloaked-in-secrecy Android device.


Via Mobile Game Faqs

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