LG to release 12-megapixel phone

LG never tires of cramming ever more megapixels into a phone, does it? One LG spokesman has revealed to Tech Radar that it definitely plans to release a 12-megapixel camera phone, probably this year.


Jeremy Newing, LG Mobile's head of marketing in the UK, said that they couldn't afford to not join the 12-megapixel race. 'We'll very much be releasing a 12-megapixel camera phone... it's the same when you're buying a car, if you've got two equal cars then you'll obviously go for the one with the bigger engine,' he said to Tech Radar. He added that they would differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack with 'things like beauty enhancer and smile shot.'


As we well know, it mostly certainly is not all about the megapixels (unless you want to blow up that phone photo to cover your back wall), so we're waiting to see which manufacturers will cotton on first and start adding things like optical zooms. Nokia, at least, has announced a variable aperture lens on its upcoming 8-megapixel N86, which should put the handset well ahead of its peers.

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