Android netbook by year end?

An Android netbook is in the works, apparently. Bloomberg reports that Asustek, who pioneered low-cost laptops including the Eee PC, has allocated engineers to a project developing the open-source Android operating system to work on a netbook.


According to Samsung Hu, head of the Eee PC line, the low-cost laptop could be out as early as year end, though things are still firmly in development stage only.


Android is so far only on two mobile phones, both from HTC, and has been garnering props galore for its functionality and good looks.


So, first Google takes on Microsoft at search, and wins. Then they take on Microsoft with browser software, and while Chrome doesn't dominate (yet) it is a sight slicker and easier to use than IE. And now, Google takes on Microsoft in mobile OS with Android kicking the pants off of WinMo. Microsoft should probably be working really hard on that next Windows OS.

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