Universal mobile phone chargers by 2012

The world's major mobile phone manufacturers have agreed to develop a universal charger for all mobile phones.


The new micro-USB design should use 50% less energy than the current products, and the plan is to adopt the new design for use by 2012. Companies who are supporting the new project include: Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, T-Mobile, Orange, 3, AT&T and Vodafone, said the BBC website.


Marketing director for the GSMA Michael O'Hara said: 'This is a broad agreement that will move the industry to a single, energy-efficient charger for all mobile phones.'


In a statement, Mitti Storckovius, director of environment devices at Nokia said: 'By supporting this industry initiative on common charging solutions, and enabling consumers to choose if they need a charger with every new device or if they can re-use existing ones, we can contribute further in improving the industry's environmental footprint.'


Recently announced green initiatives in the mobile industry have included an eco-charger from Kondor, and LG's solar-powered handset.


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