iPhone AMBER alert app released

Developer Jonathan Zdziarksy has created a new iPhone app to speed up alerted sightings of missing children. Zdziarksy, who often assists law enforcement agencies in forensic examinations of iPhones to assist in criminal cases, created the utility to feature a picture of the missing child, a description, suspect photo, abduction details and more. A Report Sighting button sends your GPS details to the relevant police authority.


Zdziarsky told the Arstechnica website: 'Unfortunately, a large percentage of these cases involve crimes against children, which can start eating at your soul after a while.' He wanted to do something about it, 'which is how the idea for a GPS-based AMBER Alert system came to mind,' he said.


'So over the weekend, I worked with one of their engineers to put it together. It went from idea to finished product in about 24 hours.'


The system is only operational in the USA, at the moment.


Do you think we should be developing a similar system, here in the UK?


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