MWC Postscript: Samsung oddities on view

Samsung has announced a range of interesting and exciting new technologies during the MWC show. However, two new releases have left many observers pondering and scratching their heads.


The first was the emergence of a new smartphone called Valencia. Oddly, the new handset wasn't announced in a blaze of fireworks via Samsung. It, in fact, sneaked out via the Microsoft stand instead. According to a Microsoft document, the new model features 3G for fast data transfer, GPS for location finding, a QVGA screen, 128Mb of RAM and 128Mb of RAM. The phone runs on a 393Mhz CPU which is not particularly fast. There have been reports that the phone can be upgraded to 20Gb of RAM memory.


The second technology release of note is Samsung's watchphone concept, according to the Engadget website. We, of course, have already seen the news of LG's watchphone model. The Samsung version was isolated behind a pane of Perspex but reports say that the touchcreen device features Bluetooth and a speakphone.


More details when we receive them including UK release dates and price details.


Click to read the Engadget Valencia story


Click to read the Engadget watchphone story

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