INQ1 the best handset there is?

You can hype about the Google phone, and you can smugly big up cult favourite Nokia E71. But according to bigwigs at the GSMA Global Mobile Awards, it's the INQ1 from new manufacturer INQ that is ‘best mobile handset or device' at Mobile World Congress.


The social networking aspects of the phone - Facebook and YouTube integration, Skype and Windows Messenger - netted it the win, with judges saying that its approach to integration of such services "outshines that of much costlier smartphones."


Other ‘highly commended' handsets were the Android-powered T-Mobile G1 smartphone, and Nokia's high-end business phone, the E71, both of which, despite higher specs list and arguably slicker design, lost out to the ‘Facebook' phone.


Social mobile is where it's at, at least according to web-savvy INQ CEO Frank Meehan, and INQ look set to lead that market, particularly with speculation rife that their next phone is going to be centred around Twitter.

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