MWC Blog: Exclusive pics of the HTC Magic

We brought you the story earlier, but we've now had a brief play with the HTC Magic, Vodafone's exclusive Google Android device and we're pleased to say our early impressions are all positive. The first thing we noticed was that it looks far more like an HTC device than the HTC built T-Mobile G1 - Google were very much the brains behind the design of the G1, with HTC merely providing the brawn. The HTC Magic lacks a QWERTY keyboard, and has the rounded edges as seen on the likes of the HTC Touch Cruise or HTC Touch HD. It's also far lighter and more pocket friendly than the G1.


The touch-screen interface is almost an exact replica of the G1, with three customisable home screens. Once again, you receive a short vibrating haptic response each time you press and hold an icon, while the built-in GPS that works in tandem with Google Maps looked particularly impressive, especially when viewing it in Street View.


We'll be posting a full video demo of the HTC Magic very soon, but in the meantime you'll have to make do with these exclusive pictures, taken at Mobile World Congress.


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