Palm to beat iPhone to Flash?

Palm has revealed that it is in active talks with Adobe with a view to placing the Flash utility on its forthcoming Pre mobile phone.


"We're excited that our customers will benefit from the creativity and broad range of Flash content and applications created by the millions of designers and developers using Adobe's popular tools and technologies," said Pam Deziel, vice president, software product management, Palm, in a recent statement to the Businesswire website.


"As an industry innovator Palm will be an important contributor to the Open Screen Project," added Michele Turner, vice president for Product Marketing, Flash Platform Business Unit at Adobe. "We're aiming to bring a rich, Flash technology-enabled browsing experience to Palm's impressive web browser."


The addition of Flash to the Pre armoury adds to the small queue of features - along with data tethering and cut & paste - that will be present on the Palm Pre but which still lie in every iPhone user's wants list. It also means that the addition of Flash will open up a whole new breed of Flash developers for the Pre platform that the iPhone has yet to successfully address.


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