Mobiado reveals Professional 105GMT White luxury mobile phone

Mobiado, based in Canada, has unveiled a new luxury mobile phone that features 2 watches built in to the chassis. That is, at the bottom of the mobile case two, small, dialled watches have been placed that operate independently. It certainly adds a new - and somewhat ironic - twist to all the recent talk about watch phones.


The Professional 105GMT White is covered by a layer of sapphire crystal whilst the buttons, according to the Unwired website, are constructed of the same material. Further, the battery cover is made from sapphire crystal and, underneath that, the movements of each fixed watch are protected by another plate made guessed it. Those quickly toting up the value will now know that the sapphire crystal amounts to 274 karats.


Other features include 1Gb of memory, a 2MP camera, USB, Bluetooth and a 2" display offering 16k colours. Available to UK customers, the price has yet to be announced.


Click to read the Unwired story


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