LG makes a 3G touch-screen watch-phone

We're all hurtling towards a James Bond future. LG is showcasing their 3G watch-phone, which was officially unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January in Las Vegas.


The watch-phone has a 1.43-inch touch-screen in a tempered glass face, and comes with a built-in camera for video-calling. It's HSDPA-enabled for data transfer speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, and along with tell the time, you can also text and make phone calls. One of its top features is voice recognition, so you can make a call or find a contact simply by speaking into your wrist and looking rather cool at the same time. There's also Text to Speak, which reads your text messages and other info aloud; makes up for the small screen, we suppose.  


The device comes with stereo Bluetooth and a built-in speaker.


Available initially on Orange to European markets at the end of the year.

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