LG and Samsung reveal solar-powered phones

Apparently LG and Samsung will each unveil a solar-powered handset next week. Samsung, which topped a Greenpeace survey of the greenest handsets, is calling theirs Blue Earth, a touch-screen device with rounded corners that Samsung likens to those of a "well-rounded pebble".


According to MacWorld, the phone is made from recycled plastic, and eschews harmful substances often used in phone manufacture such as brominated flame retardants (BFRs) beryllium, and phtalates.


Solar panels line much of the phone's rear casing, but as they don't harness enough energy to run the phone, they instead recharge a conventional battery inside.


LG had fewer details on its prototype, but MacWorld says it looks to be a version of the very stylish KF750 Secret, except with solar cells lining its rear.


Samsung said its Blue Earth phone will come with a charger, albeit an energy-efficient one that draws only 30 milliwatts in standby, while LG said it hoped to mass-produce solar-charging phones when it can achieve a ratio of 10 minutes' charge time for three minutes talking.


As the models stand now, users would have to regularly leave their phones in sunlight, rather than in pockets or bags.


Both companies had no details on prices or launch dates for these prototypes.


Click here for the MacWorld story

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