iPhone turns into a web server

A new application has been released that will allow your Apple iPhone to transform itself into a website server, revealing your iPhone as a website on the Internet. This functionality is not totally unknown to the iPhone community. However, previous incarnations of such software have only been possible with ‘jail broken' iPhone examples. This is the first time that such a concept has been available for a standard iPhone model.


The software, known as ServersMan@iPhone, has been developed by a Japanese developer in Tokyo, called FreeBit, according to the ReadWriteWeb website.


Once the software has been installed on your iPhone, other computers will have the ability to both upload and download files through a browser.


Apparently, the name of the software, ServersMan, is apparently inspired by the Sony brand name WalkMan. The choice is less surprising when you learn that the FreeBit has invited Sony's former CEO Nobuyuki Idei to be a business advisor for the company.


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