Modu releases detail of production mobile phone

The Modu mobile phone, which was revealed during 2008, has finally reached a stage where the production version of the handset is about to be presented.


The Modu, which has been hailed as the lightest mobile phone in the world, has the ability to assume whole new persona, depending upon which ‘jacket' you decide to slip over it. Each jacket gives the appearance that the Modu is sitting within a whiole new chassis and, in fact, each jacket can alter the basic functionality of the core Modu phone.


So far, four jackets are due to be released and each are variably price between $25 and $100. According to the Engadget website, the covers incude the Night Jacket, Street-Art Jacket, Classic, and Express. Each jacket brings extra features to the core phone such as night imaging, stereo speakers, extra music facilities, gaming facilities and so on.


The core phone features 2Gb of internal memory. A European release is expected but a UK price and release date has yet to be announced.


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