Trekkies rejoice! You can now buy a phone Communicator

The classic Star Trek designed communicator has now been adopted by Dream Cheeky as a VoIP and Skype phone, powered by a USB port.


Remember those classic Star Trek TV series? One of the most iconic parts of the entire show was when James T. Kirk, or any other member of the crew, flipped open a Communicator with a flick of the wrist. Out would fly the gold hued, mesh cover to reveal a circular receiver and a set of buttons.


Well, now you can call those immortal words: "Beam me up, Scotty." (although, reports say that Kirk never actually said those words, in that order and that form) with your own Communicator, which has been copied from that original 'Classic Trek' design, according to the OhGizmo website.


Better still, the rear of the Communicator includes a Velcro pad so that you can stick it on your waist and roam the house, looking cool, phaser in hand, searching for Klingons in the wardrobe.


The price and possible UK distribution are, as yet, unknown.


Click to read the OhGizmo story


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