Apple - to allow the iPhone to multi-task?

Rumours are circulating that Apple is preparing to allow the iPhone to multi-task, on a limited basis, by giving it permission to run one or two tasks, for certain programs, in the background.


This ability is currently unavailable for iPhone users because, says Apple, allowing multiple Apps to work in the background dramatically slows the phone itself.


The rumour follows the non-appearance of the much expected Push notification service - within the recently released Firmware update, v.2.2.1 - a facility that allows applications to receive notices, even if that application is not currently running. A feature that would be especially useful for Instant Messaging and email utilities.


The multi-tasking option, limited to preserve power, may be introduced as a viable alternative for the future release of Firmware v3.0, said the Mac Rumours website. The next generation of the iPhone, which is slated as featuring a powerful CPU, will, says observers, include a full Push service.


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