Google launches Latitude tracking utility

Google has launched a new utility called Latitude which will enable you to keep track of both family and friends via your mobile phone or a computer. The utility uses a map view to provide a visual location of the selected ‘target'. The map will then follow the selected person as they move through the streets.


Observers say that the new facility will be of particular interest to parents to enable them to keep track of their children, without having to ring them and trigger potentially embarassing peer gaffs, said the Mobilewhack website.


Hugo Barra, group product manager for Google Mobile, said that, "We believe this is the kind of technology that will allow people to meet up more spontaneously with people they happen to be around."


There are concerns, however. Simon Davies, the director of Privacy International, said to The Telegraph, "Although this will be seen as cool technology by a lot of people, it's going to be a privacy minefield. Google needs to think through some fundamental security and privacy problems."


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