LG Arena KM900 - another LG touch-screen phone outed

Ah, it's a lovely day for rumouring. Last night, the techies at Electricpig posted a single glossy image of the next purported touch-screen phone from the increasingly prolific LG.


The LG Arena KM900 rocks a five-megapixel camera (with an extra front-facing one for video-calling, which is apparently all the rage these days), is definitely 3G-enabled, and basically just looks really great.

Considering LG's recent lineup of touch-screens - the new Prada, the excellent Renoir - we're pretty sure their latest little piece of telephonic heaven is going to follow suit.


Expect the full unveiling at Mobile World Congress from Feb 16th, and keep an eye on Mobile Choice. We'll be over there, reporting live with the latest in mobile tech.

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