BT?s location-based Wi-Fi service

Westminster is the first area to benefit from a new location-based service, courtesy of io global and BT.


Users of BT MyPlace will be provided with a host of information based on where they are when they access the site through a BT Openzone Westminster Wi-Fi hotspot.


The idea is that, rather than having to search for the nearest restaurant or museum for example, BT MyPlace will locate your position depending on which BT Openzone hotspot you've logged onto, and will then provide you with a list of your closest options.


What's more, you log in and personalise your account so that you will be alerted to things of interest to you. For example, register your interest in shoes, and each time you access BT MyPlace through a BT Openzone hotspot you will be shown where the nearest registered shoe shops are.


The BT MyPlace portal is split into six key services; ‘Find my nearest', Live & work, Explore, Enjoy, Entertain and Get Around. In addition, users will be alerted to any special offers.


BT MyPlace is currently only available within the Westminster area on any Wi-Fi enabled phone, PC or laptop. The site can also be accessed via 3G or HSDPA, though none of the location-based aspects of the service will be available.


To use BT MyPlace, visit

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