Analysts predict new mobile advancements

Gartner, the technology analyst, has declared eight technologies which, it predicts, will have a major impact on the mobile industry over the next couple of years, according to the Vnunet website. They are:


1: Bluetooth 3.0 – should be released sometime this year, will be able to access Wi-Fi and Ultra-Wideband.


2: Wi-Fi 802.11n – running at higher speeds, topping 100Mbit/s, with improved coverage.


3: Mobile broadband – with High Speed Packet Access that will offer 2Mb of bandwidth over a 3G connection.


4: NFC – enabling access to mobile payments and exchange information by touching devices.


5: Improved Mobile Internet interfaces – small web applets such as Widgets are now being introduced to stream feeds to handsets.


6: New display technologies – these include active pixel, passive and pico projectors, which will increase the quality of the mobile display.


7: Location awareness – to be utilised in social networking and mobile presence. Security concerns will be an issue going forward for this area, however.


8: Bluetooth Low Energy interface – creating new devices such as peripherals and sensors.


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