First Impressions: LG KF900 Prada

We just got the new Prada phone (known colloquially as Prada II, though the official LG line is that it's just replacing their last Prada phone...) a couple days ago. We've done a quick video of us unboxing it, and it looks so good, we really, really want to like it. It's just the faltering UI is getting us down...


LG KF900 Prada - Look and feel

This is LG's second go at a Prada-branded phone and it looks as great as the first one. We got pretty excited over its iPhone-esque sleek looks - a touchscreen spanning most of the phone's length, rounded corners and a glossy front sporting just three buttons: call, hang up and home. It's quite a bit thicker than the iPhone, but that's because of its snazzy slide-out QWERTY, which we're beginning to find quite indispensable in a phone.


LG KF900 Prada - Under the hood

We were really impressed with the features packed in here - five-megapixel camera with flash, dual-band HSDPA, Wi-fi and Bluetooth, video call function and music/video playback and recording, and of course, the QWERTY and email function. Only 60MB on-board and 1GB in a bundled microSD card though, and no GPS, which means it's not going to stand up well to bigger boys like the Nokia N-series.


LG KF900 Prada - Ease of use

We like the hardware - great keyboard design with good thought behind which keys to keep and which to relegate to a secondary menu - but less so the software.


There's quite a delay between menu commands and actions. So far we've set up email, sent and received emails and texts, and browsed the web. Even with a nearly empty inbox, it takes about five seconds to load a (text!) message, and as for email... it isn't a patch on any BlackBerry. Great web experience though - there's full HTML browsing, the screen works both in landscape and portrait orientations and most sites, even non-mobile-optimised ones, load really well.


The touchscreen is serviceable and haptic vibrations enhance its usability. However, the lag in the menu systems means you sometimes think your touch hasn't registered, leading to repeated stabbing at the screen and you ending up in a menu you didn't want at all.



Check back in a few days for our full review, when we've figured this bad boy out a little more.

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