BT to re-enter mobile market?

Reports are emerging that BT may be about to re-enter the mobile phone market in collaboration with T-Mobile and 3. Apparently, talks are at an early stage but, if the company does re-enter the industry, it will be the first time it has had any direct mobile involvement since it released Cellnet to form its own, independent, company, re-branded as O2.


That both T-Mobile and 3 should be involved in a proposed deal with BT is not as strange as it initially sounds as both T-Mobile and 3 share the same radio networks, according to The Register website.


The only question regarding any new mobile launch via BT is what part of the mobile spectrum BT might utilise. After all, there is not too much of the 3G network left for additional use. Observers have speculated, therefore, that BT might be forced to piggy-back on the signal of another company.


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