Samsung W7900 mobile phone unveiled

Samsung has unveiled its W7900 mobile phone. To be also known as the Samsung Show, the handset is notable for the inclusion of a projector which will be situated at the top of the chassis. The mobile, which arrives sized at 4.4 x 2.2 x 0.7in is also the subject of a video demonstration. You can access that video by clicking below and being forwarded to the Phones Review website.


Other features available on this quad band GSM phone is a 3.2in OLED, high quality, screen plus facilities for fast data transfer via the HSDPA feature which travels at its maximum rate of 7.2Mbps. A camera is also reported to be built in.


The specification for this device is apparently 5MP which is a very good capability and is often quoted as the target figure to aim for when even buying a dedicated camera.


Click to see the demonstration video


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