British Airways to allow mobiles on its planes

Reports say that British Airways will allow the use of mobile technology on particular flights. Initially, the relaxation of the ban on mobile technologies will occur on the business flights from London to JFK airport in the USA.


"The service is aimed at people in the Square Mile," said a spokesman for BA to The Telegraph website. "We believe the route and the new technology will offer an appealing package to business travellers. There are no plans for voice calls at the moment but we will listen to feedback from passengers," he added. "The customer is in charge."


The Emirates airline already allows mobile calls - including voice calls - for a charge and Ryanair is testing mobile technology on 10 of its aircraft whilst BMI is testing texting-only.


There are issues which may hamper the full introduction of mobile voice calls on all aircraft, however. Principally the fact that most people would rather not have someone blaring their business into their ear for the flight duration.


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