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Love them or hate them, touch-screen phones are big business. Ever since LG made waves with their radical Prada handset back in 2007, manufacturers have been competing with each other in trying to produce the perfect touch-screen experience. Nokia is the last of the big manufacturers to embrace the touch revolution with the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic handset hitting stores today. With that in mind, we give our take on the Five Best touch-screen mobile phones available.


UPDATE: Check out our brand new, updated Best Touchscreen Phones as of December 2009. Bonus: includes more than one iPhone killer.


1.) BlackBerry Storm


When we found out RIM was to shy away from their more traditional yet ever faithful keypad design, we held our breath. We needn't have worried. The BlackBerry Storm is one cracking handset and it is the phone's touch-screen that plays a big part. What's unique about the Storm is that despite being touch operated, the large 3.25-inch screen actually clicks each time you press it, depressing slightly as you do so. What's more, RIM's new SurePress technology means each time you press one of the virtual keys, they illuminate blue as a second means of acknowledging your digit command.


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2.) T-Mobile G1


The only touch-screen phone from our list that also has a standard (QWERTY) keyboard, the first Google Android phone has received criticism for being overly bulky. That said, there's no escaping that HTC (the manufacturer behind the G1) has made sure that its touch-screen credentials should pacify even the strongest of critics. With three customisable home screens, when you want to drag and drop a widget simply hold your finger on an icon until you get a short "haptic" (vibrating) response to acknowledge that you are in control of that widget. Moving between your pages and applications proves to be an effortless glide, rather than a stop start judder.


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3.) Apple iPhone 3G


Ok you didn't think we were going to leave it out did you? With an influx of more recent touch-screen phones, it may be starting to look a little long in the tooth, but Steve Jobs masterpiece is, well just that. The iPhone remains the daddy of touch-screen devices and while the other manufacturers may be reluctant to admit it, they aspire to match it in terms of usability and tactility. A simple swipe of your finger will skim through your list of contacts, albums or applications, while the pinch and pull process used to zoom in to your pics still inspires. Visually the iPhone's screen is stunning. Believe the hype.


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4.) Samsung Pixon


While Apple may be setting the pace, there's little doubt that the other manufacturers are gaining ground, fast. The Samsung Pixon is their best touch-screen phone to date and is, in our opinion, the iPhone's closest competitor. Although the Pixon comes with a stylus we found we rarely needed it as the user interface is just so easy to get to grips with. The screen is expertly calibrated, which means as long as you press the correct button, the screen instantly recognises your command. Dragging and dropping widgets onto the customisable interface is a cinch, while the display is flawlessly vibrant.


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5.) Nokia 5800 XpressMusic


So what of Nokia's touch-screen phone? Well it's right up there with the best. As with the Storm, the target keys light up with each press (red this time as opposed to blue) and you're also greeted with a short haptic vibration, both of which help maintain correct key presses. However, Nokia has also included a stylus which will prove useful when using the QWERTY virtual keyboard or handwriting recognition feature. The Nokia 5800 XpressMusic may be lacking the pinch and pull functionality as found on the iPhone, but with its stunning display and intuitive touch-screen interface it's a winner.


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