HTC TouchFLO 3D interface for other Touch handsets

A new development within the unofficial HTC community has produced a new advance for owners of the HTC Touch Pro and Touch Diamond. The change allows you to ‘upgrade' the interfaces on those mobile phones up to the TouchFlo 3D quality. Ideal for those HTC users who feel that they are missing out, according to the XDA Developers forum website.


The installation of the new, upgraded, interface is comparatively simple. That is, you have to install a .cab file which contains the new 3D data. After that, you then have to install another .cab file which houses a range of bug fixes. If you are confident in performing such an operation, check out the link below. The following is a potted set of instructions for the complete install - to give you a flavour:


-close Manila (Uncheck touchflo 3D from today)
-install XBmod HD MANILA into device not internal storage
-wait more than 10min for install
-don't reboot
-install xbmod fix
-install XBMOD autoloader
-touch the today screen


Click to read the XDA Developers Forum website


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