Nokia to see the return of BlackBerry services?

Some time ago, Nokia announced that it would no longer support the BlackBerry Connect communications service on its own mobile phones. However, in a reverse decision, this service may be soon to make a return.


The reason that Nokia initially decided to relegate the BlackBerry Connect service from its own range of Nokia phones was precisely because it had its own option that it wanted to utilise, competing with the BlackBerry version. Nokia Messaging was, according to Nokia, a better solution as it catered for all users. The BlackBerry version apparently only really targeted the business user, according to the Crackberry website.


Now, the head of messaging at Nokia, Tom Furlong, has said, "We are in the interim period of time when we have dropped support ourselves and BlackBerry is readying support for their service on Nokia devices."


This basically means that RIM is currently working on an application suite for Nokia (in addition to another suite that it is also producing for Windows Mobile). More details soon. 


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