Microsoft to Reveal Window Mobile 6.5 at Mobile World Congress

Apparently Microsoft is finally going to update that dinosaur they've got pottering about the place. Word on the web is that the update to Windows Mobile 6.1, WinMo 6.5, will be unveiled at next month's Mobile World Congress, the annual exhibition where heavyweights in the mobile phone industry make the year's biggest announcements.


No details on what improvements will be made to the operating system, which is known both for its clunky user interface and, conversely, running on high-end hardware like the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, Samsung's Omnia, and HTC Touch HD.


Other Microsoft reveals slated for Mobile World Congress include three new online services for the company's Windows Azure cloud platform - SkyBox, which will wirelessly sync to WinMo handsets to store all phone data; the business-oriented SkyLine which allows syncing of corporate phones as well as hosting of MS exchange servers; and SkyMarket, a long-overdue marketplace for WinMo apps.  

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