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According to the Home Office, a mobile phone is stolen every 12 seconds in the UK. With that in mind mobile security specialist UMU has developed an application that should provide peace of mind if your smartphone was lost or stolen.


StopThief enables users who have lost their phone to send a text message to their number that will remotely lock the mobile device or delete all contacts, SMS messages, emails and data (including photos). In addition, should your phone be stolen without your knowledge and the thief attempts to remove the SIM-card, a text will be sent to up to three designated numbers alerting you of the fact before locking the device, making it redundant to the thief.


Should the handset have GPS or the ability to locate via Cell ID (triangulation), subscribers to StopThief will also be provided with an exact location of where the phone is.


StopThief is available for an annual subscription fee of £9.95 from It is currently available on all Symbian Series 60 second-edition devices, with Nokia third-edition models and Windows Mobile devices to become compatible over the coming weeks.

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