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Customers of 3 can now read or listen to bestselling books direct on their handset. "Books on the Go", is provided by action man Andy McNab's GoSpoken.com, and has over 1000 audio and e-books available, with the promise of 100 new titles every month. With the likes of publishers such as HarperCollins and Penguin onboard, customers can even preview free extracts before deciding whether or not to download the entire book. Both the audio and text-based books in their entirety are available from between £5 to £10, or alternatively in several parts at a cost of £1 to £3.


While we can see the audio books proving popular, we have our reservations about whether we would be willing to read an entire novel on a screen that is smaller than the size of your palm.


Books on the Go is available to 3 UK subscribers through Planet 3.

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