Vodafone to Lock Palm Pre?

We've heard via our massive and web-trawling troop of minions that Vodafone just may have scored a deal to launch the Palm Pre in the UK.


The deal would mean the phone is locked to Vodafone, though apparently, like all good rumours, the agreement is nowhere near confirmation.


Announced at CES, the Palm Pre was the exhibition's It Girl, with rumours buzzing that it'd be that holiest of grails, an iPhone-killer. Not only does it rock a 3.1-inch multi-touch screen with slide-out QWERTY, it's running Palm's supposedly awesome new platform and packing a new TI OMAP CPU for an even smoother interface.


If the rumours turn out to be substantiated, Vodafone will be the exclusive holder of two hugely desirable handsets - the Pre and Blackberry's Storm.

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