Samsung F268 Named Most Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone


If all that bromide and PVC and toxic nasties they use to make mobile phones is keeping you up at night, rejoice and chill out. The Samsung F268 just topped a Greenpeace assessment of green products in the electronics industry.


Unfortunately, the Samsung F268 is only available in China, but eco-warriors in the UK can get their green mitts on its runner up, the 6210 smartphone from environmental poster-child Nokia.


The Samsung F268's green credentials mean it's made without toxic brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and environmentally harmful PVC and it also has an alarm function that alerts users when the phone is fully charged, so you can unplug it and stop uselessly draining electricity already.


The assessment, "Green Electronics: the search continues", marked products across the tech industry from phones to televisions.

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