iFlyz supports your smartphone

A new gadget has been released by iFlyz that provides you with hands-free viewing of your smartphone during, for example, a long flight to a business or holiday destination.


The iFlyz basically consists of a moveable arm that can be secured to a table or even the meal tray support on an airplane. Attached to the arm is a flexible ‘goose neck' that allows you to position your smartphone (or iPod or similar). On the other end of the arm is a strong suction cup – it's even been patented by iFlyz so it must be a bit special. Once you've attached the device to the iFlyz, you can sit back and enjoy the show, according to the Cnet website.


The gadget is available directly from the company's website for $29.99. Despite the dollar price, UK readers can still buy a sample for use.


Click to read the Cnet story


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