SUPERBattery allows you to recharge your mobile via hand crank

Datexx has announced the release of a new gadget which promises to recharge your mobile phone - plus other gadgets - without you having to have access mains electricity.


The SUPERBattery allows you to recharge your phone anytime and anywhere with the aid of a crank handle. On average, if you crank the handle for around 6 minutes, the phone will be able to provide you with around 2 minutes of phone time. Hence, this device may not be the answer to those looking to save on their electricity bills but it might just be your saviour in an emergency situation when you are travelling in an area with little or no amenities. For example, if you're in the middle of nowhere and your car breaks down. As part of the package, the chassis also provides you with a built in torch, useful if you're stuck in the middle of the country in the night.


According to the Technabab website, the price is $30 but UK readers can buy it too.


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