Samsung Saga smartphone revealed

Samsung has unveiled a smartphone that will be powered by the popular Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. As the Engadget website has it, the mobile phone doesn't appear, on the face of it, to be a particularly outstanding design yet the the sum of the design is greater than its individual parts.


Reports say that design is of a perfect shape for the hand. In addition, observers say that the keyboard is especially well implemented with a good tactile response and admirable key separation. You also receive an optical mouse which has been designed to be very large taking up the space that a d-pad would occupy. Other reports indicate that the use of this tool is both accurate and easy to use.


In use as a business phone, observers say that the Samsung Saga can be highly recommended. It's not fancy and, to be honest, that is not what is required in such a sector. Usability is the most important facet and that's exactly what the Saga offers.


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