CompuLab Announces Multi-OS Phone

Computer module manufacturers CompuLab aren't exactly high-profile in the world of increasingly sleek and able smartphones. Their contribution to this year's Consumer Electronics Show was the Exeda, an Android/WinMo handset that also supports Angstrom and Windows CE, plus possibly more operating systems in the future.


Compared to offerings from the likes of Apple and Nokia, Exeda is squat and stocky, and wouldn't be out of place in a lineup of nostalgia-inducing old-timey tech (see right). It's not massive at 125x94x15mm, just really quite wide.


A meaty set of features will win over the business and developer crowd though - 520Mhz Marvel processor, 3.5-inch sun-readable touch-screen, QWERTY, 1GB on-board, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet port, plus a special development platform that includes JTAG interface, RS-232, open-source u-boot bootloader and an unlocked SIM.


The phone is slated for a March release, with no details on price released.

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