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Nokia Nseries users can now download a free application that enables 3D content to appear on the phones screen. ‘Secondsight' technology works by positioning your phone so that its camera is focused on a specially coded square. This code is then translated by Secondsight to stream 3D reactive objects and video complete with audio. Having experienced the service firsthand, we were treated to a rattlesnake that leapt out of us if we came too close and Abraham Lincoln giving a speech.


The technology involved uses a concept called ‘Augmented Reality' which digitally processes computer generated graphics to produce a 3D type hologram. Mediasight, the company behind Secondsight hopes to introduce it to brand campaigns thus developing their print advertisements. The idea is that not only would a consumer view a standard advert in say a magazine, but with the aid of Secondsight they would also have a more interactive experience. Other possibilities include walking tours or museums, where additional information could be gained by scanning a code with their phone.


Currently only available on Nokia Nseries devices, Mediasight hopes to make the application available to iPhone users, with many more handsets to follow.

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